Living Life in Color

About Me

When I was in grammar school my parents noticed that I was only interested in my art classes and not my academic classes.  They figured that I probably wasn't going to excel in math, science and history so they encouraged me to be creative and gave me painting classes.  I have been painting ever since! 

My interest in painting continued into my High School years where I was very involved in the Art Department at Dwight Morrow in Englewood, NJ.  I was one of the artists that painted a mural which is featured in the movie 'Running On Empty'.

I always loved using vibrant colors that reflected my happy, fun and cheerful personality...and I still do!

My travels throughout the world to exotic places has been a big part of my inspiration.  All the sights, colors, tastes and smells contribute to my creativity.

Throughout the years my work has been exhibited in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Florida.  Recently my work has been at The Art Alliance Studio and Gallery in Red Bank, NJ and Idiosyncrazies Gallery in Point Pleasant, NJ.

And by the way, I went to Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and have been a Pharmacist for over 30 years!